From a publication "Construction and Building Materials 81 (2015) 66–73" we like to summeryze the excellent properties of Bamboo for construction with the following two images, as copied from the mentioned publication. After this, we would like to show you summeries from a study done in 2006, in Nicaragua about the specific properties of our Guadua angustifolia.
Very specific properties of Bamboo are known to differ depending site of growth, humidity, fertility, slope angle etc. But as you can see the bending strength of Bamboo Laminated Veneer Timber is at the upper class of laminated wood, entering the area of concrete and composites.

bendingModus Laminated


Material Properties


Furthermore, a publication by Diana Roitman, Portal towards Resilience, summerizes the strength of Guadua in a way compared with standard European lumber:




The little information here above shows, without any doubt the Guadua bamboo is beyond doubt usable in construction.