Sunstainable bamboo production

The Bambu Export Nicaragua s.a. entity is an initiative dedicated to the  successful synergy between the high qualities of the Guadua bamboo in 
Central America and the marketing of derived products in Europa and Latin America. Due to the availability of high quality non-toxic adhesives, we set to aim to sustainable product marketing in gardening, like fencing, lattice-works, furniture and shade construction.

Our mission is to minimize the environmental impact of production and consumption, fabricate as much in the country of provenance and assure a fair price to the farmer for his bamboos, including stimulating the cultivation of the crop by replanting one seedling for every harvested pole, at the same farm. A cultivated pole has better fibre parameters than naturally grown ones, and will be harvestable within eight years.

Low environmental impact, referring to bamboo laminates; thus glues, is evident: one should not prepare meals on laminated veneer lumber 
containing toxic glues. By principle, each product, after serving its life span, could be composted or burned for energy without any form of 
unnatural toxins generation. Our bamboos are harvested in areas where not only farmers live, but many indigenous population. As much as possible we try to involve them into our production process; an effort to try to help these extremely poor people of this continent.

Bamboo extraction