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From source till consumer, we handle the sequence of selection and harvest of the bamboo, and also the production process. This web portal gives you access to valuable and sustainable bamboo: The Guadua species; internationally acknowledged to be one of the strongest of its kind. It's provenance is Latin America. This aesthetic and sustainable materials has a very much promising future on European consumer market.

Our team consists of dedicated professionals, both in The Netherlands as Latin America. We offer many years of experience with this specific species of bamboo. Therefore, we are able to deliver affordable product to the consumer, but also, guarantee a fair price to the farmer, original owners of the plants. These people, due to our business model, learn to financially appreciate their bamboo plants, as a cash crop. For every purchased pole, we plant back a new bamboo seedling on the
farmers' land. Within eight years such a plant could generate for pole production.

Bamboo as a replacement for tropical timber, or poisonous impregnated lumbers, stands a good chance; and we have to take away the current pressure on the little tropical forests left world-wide. At this very moment, as we are in a start-up, we can only offer Guadua poles, but very soon we will be able to supply you with Bamboo Laminated Veneer Lumber products, fetched with environmentally acceptable adhesives.

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