Bamboo panel

TechSpecs Angustifolia

The Guadua species originates from Central and South America and is known as the poor man's timber. The application of bamboo in construction has a strong history in Colombia, where you can find bamboo construction works over a 100 years old. This pretty much proves the sustainability of the product as building material.

Our bamboo is purchased and worked with in Nicaragua, where the species Guadua amplexifolia and Guadua angustifolia are abundant. Slowly but surely, also in Nicaragua, bamboo is appreciated as building material. Modern concrete housing has less seismic resistance and accumulates day time heath. In the Americas as a whole, many project are stimulating the application of bamboo.

The renewed public interest is bamboo is mostly generated by the market's wishes to let go of tropical timber application in Europe, and 
of coarse the beauty of its appearances. Its strong fibre parameter, makes Guadua a potential in load bearing laminated Engineered Timber 

It's growth speed is beyond imagination. Repeatedly investigations report 20cm plus, per pole per day. This initial growth speed, when the 
young sprout has won the battle for light, chances into a process to strengthen its fibres in order to maintain itself in winds or even 
storms. Poles from existing bush can be harvested in a six years cycle.

Bamboo extraction